Monday, December 31, 2007

Black Hearts & Days

Feb. 16, 2011 | Children of Mut'ah, I'm still here & will be back soon!
I enjoy the sight of so many Shia hitting themselves in front of us Sunnis who wish they could do that themselves to the Shia (but the Shia refused to let us hit them with our own hands, so they're doing it for us! Thanks, O pieces of Shiite!!!)

They are chanting some poetry eulogizing a toddler of Sayyiduna al-Hussain ibn Ali (ra.) whose name was 'Abdullah', cursing, complaining and describing their sorrow & pain over his slaughter by the ruler of Kufah's soldiers. What the Shia will always deliberately forget is mentioning the half-brothers of Hussain himself, named Abu Bakr and Omar, who died there in Karbala too in Hussain's defense!!! They don't want to disprove themselves and show that Ali had no enmity towards the two caliphs, Abu Bakr & Omar, that he would name his sons (from other than Fatimah, ra.) after them!


One of the huge benefits we get out of having so many Shia satellite channels is increasing our proofs on their heresies & stupidity. This celebration in the above video is but one example. These people enjoy these innovative rituals & songs associated with hitting selves (latm) so much more than listening to Qur'an in congregations of prayers. We've seen recently an example of how boring their 'prayers' are, how they don't know how to recite the Quran right (in a beautiful voice), and how very few seem to enjoy them at all!!! (Who would want to stand behind an Imam reading the Quran like he's reading from a newspaper???)

While, their 'radoods' (singers who make the crowds repeat after the lyrics after them, as evident in the above video) have risen to pop-star status, the "Shia World" fails to this day (after 1400+ of Islam, and 500+ since Shi'ism was forced on the once-majority-Sunni Iran) to offer the Muslim world just ONE Shia reciter of the Quran with a good voice that could at least come close to their radoods'!!!! Indeed, if you were to browse Arabic (and perhaps also non-Arabic) Shia website's section for Qur'anic recitations (that is IF they remembered the Quran, and that section wasn't populated with audio / video files for latmiyyat & hateful speech against Muslims), you'd find that all the qaris (reciters) in the Shia website's section for Quran ..are all Sunni and mostly "Wahhabi" too, from Kuwait or Saudia!!!!!! Hahahahahaha

I can excuse the non-Arab Shia from failing to offer us ONE qari of the Quran, but where did all the millions of Shia Arabs go???? What are they busy with, to ignore one of the "thaqalayn" (the Quran, namely) and focusing only on the surely lesser one (Ahlulbayt)?????

This reinforces our belief that this cult was born only to spread discord and strife among the Muslims, to take them away from the Quran into the word of mindless, senseless chanting over dead people from Muslim history, celebrating one's birthday once, and the other's martyrdom later on, and another's marriage to I don't know who..on another night!!!! God's curse be upon the Shia, they want to turn the religion of Allah into a funeral home once, and a reception hall in another!!!!!


NOW, let's look at a REAL Muslim gathering, a congregation for a prayer, in Kuwait (neighbour of the Shia-infested southern Iraq in the above video). Let's see how Muslims look when they gather, and what they listen to (compared to the pointless poetry above which the insane Shia respond to with flagellation or hitting themselves with their own hands):

They remember the Hereafter, standing for the Account before Allah on the Day of Judgement, and their hearts are softened by its mention. They grow in piety, not HATE, they cry over themselves, not those who died almost 14 centuries ago in Karbala (and were martyrs, so they know they are now enjoying the bounties of Allah in Paradise); they are worried about themselves and their coreligionists not to fall in the Fire.....