Saturday, April 07, 2007

Shia Class!!!

Everything about the Shia is funny.

Now we have this picture, what is so funny about this Shia class??

(1) the room is very small, yet the 'mullah' feels that he needs a microphone (perhaps to awaken those who fall asleep -like the guy to the right- due to the boring Shia talk they started hearing since they were being breastfed by their mothers);

(2) the mullah has TWO keyboards!!!!!! My guess is that one is for him, the other is for Shaytan (Satan) who dictatetes on him the shirk and kufr to utter!!!

Not to forget the very small turnout of attendants, maybe due to lack of mut'ah objects (Shia women)? Hmmmm, I think all their classes are like that (when not 'mixed', and due to the very nature of the Shia cult: it's very boring and dark.)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bloody Ashura!!!!

Of course I'd never forget to share with you the many gross and graphic pictures of the bloody rite of Ashura practised by this cult, so I will be uploading many soon on the web to share with you the laugh on these idiots whom Allah is punishing with their own hands for their deviance.

In the pictures we'll see the Shia sub-animals in India, Lebanon and the Arab Gulf region.

Lunatics, no, DEVILS !!!!!

This is some of what members of this cult do in their holes (fun & shirk are at their height after the 1:30 minute mark)

I can't help but note how much they remember Hussain and his parents, the Prophet's daughter Fatimah ("Zahra") and Ali!!!! Just wish if they remembered Allah ..won't say 'more' (because that's just a Sunni's dream), but equally like they remember Ahlulbayt!!!!!

Of course all the chanting is in Persian. The congregants are doing 'latm' (hitting their chests with their own hands), you can hear the sound of their latm! Total fools!! Who wants to be Shia but a fool???

MUD, no more BLOOD!!!

In Iran, flagellation was banned because of the defamation to the Shia cult it brings, so last Ashura Iranian Shia (in Bijar, southwest of Tehran) turned to MUD instead of letting blood gush out of their skulls...

I don't know what to call this 'improved practise'!! Neater? Cleaner? or more bloody stupid??????

These people will never cease to amaze me, no wonder I'm so drawn to keep an eye on what they do and say!!! They are SOOOOO ENTERTAINING, MY GOD!!! Hahahahaha