Monday, December 31, 2007

Black Hearts & Days

Feb. 16, 2011 | Children of Mut'ah, I'm still here & will be back soon!
I enjoy the sight of so many Shia hitting themselves in front of us Sunnis who wish they could do that themselves to the Shia (but the Shia refused to let us hit them with our own hands, so they're doing it for us! Thanks, O pieces of Shiite!!!)

They are chanting some poetry eulogizing a toddler of Sayyiduna al-Hussain ibn Ali (ra.) whose name was 'Abdullah', cursing, complaining and describing their sorrow & pain over his slaughter by the ruler of Kufah's soldiers. What the Shia will always deliberately forget is mentioning the half-brothers of Hussain himself, named Abu Bakr and Omar, who died there in Karbala too in Hussain's defense!!! They don't want to disprove themselves and show that Ali had no enmity towards the two caliphs, Abu Bakr & Omar, that he would name his sons (from other than Fatimah, ra.) after them!


One of the huge benefits we get out of having so many Shia satellite channels is increasing our proofs on their heresies & stupidity. This celebration in the above video is but one example. These people enjoy these innovative rituals & songs associated with hitting selves (latm) so much more than listening to Qur'an in congregations of prayers. We've seen recently an example of how boring their 'prayers' are, how they don't know how to recite the Quran right (in a beautiful voice), and how very few seem to enjoy them at all!!! (Who would want to stand behind an Imam reading the Quran like he's reading from a newspaper???)

While, their 'radoods' (singers who make the crowds repeat after the lyrics after them, as evident in the above video) have risen to pop-star status, the "Shia World" fails to this day (after 1400+ of Islam, and 500+ since Shi'ism was forced on the once-majority-Sunni Iran) to offer the Muslim world just ONE Shia reciter of the Quran with a good voice that could at least come close to their radoods'!!!! Indeed, if you were to browse Arabic (and perhaps also non-Arabic) Shia website's section for Qur'anic recitations (that is IF they remembered the Quran, and that section wasn't populated with audio / video files for latmiyyat & hateful speech against Muslims), you'd find that all the qaris (reciters) in the Shia website's section for Quran ..are all Sunni and mostly "Wahhabi" too, from Kuwait or Saudia!!!!!! Hahahahahaha

I can excuse the non-Arab Shia from failing to offer us ONE qari of the Quran, but where did all the millions of Shia Arabs go???? What are they busy with, to ignore one of the "thaqalayn" (the Quran, namely) and focusing only on the surely lesser one (Ahlulbayt)?????

This reinforces our belief that this cult was born only to spread discord and strife among the Muslims, to take them away from the Quran into the word of mindless, senseless chanting over dead people from Muslim history, celebrating one's birthday once, and the other's martyrdom later on, and another's marriage to I don't know who..on another night!!!! God's curse be upon the Shia, they want to turn the religion of Allah into a funeral home once, and a reception hall in another!!!!!


NOW, let's look at a REAL Muslim gathering, a congregation for a prayer, in Kuwait (neighbour of the Shia-infested southern Iraq in the above video). Let's see how Muslims look when they gather, and what they listen to (compared to the pointless poetry above which the insane Shia respond to with flagellation or hitting themselves with their own hands):

They remember the Hereafter, standing for the Account before Allah on the Day of Judgement, and their hearts are softened by its mention. They grow in piety, not HATE, they cry over themselves, not those who died almost 14 centuries ago in Karbala (and were martyrs, so they know they are now enjoying the bounties of Allah in Paradise); they are worried about themselves and their coreligionists not to fall in the Fire.....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Anti-Shia Objects!!!

Allah's Soldiers are Everywhere! :)

The Shia divided everything in Allah's creation to either "Muwali" or "non-Muwali" (i.e., a follower of "Wilaayah" to "Ahlul-Bayt" or not), but the funniest part about this stupid tenet of theirs is that it includes animals, plants, and non-living objects like even rocks and stones!!! In this video we see a non-Muwali fan in the ceiling falling down on a Shia imposter!!! Hahahaha!! I think the non-living, non-thinking fan could detect the lies in this imposter's speech better than the stray cattle, the pieces of Shiite listening to the fan's victim!!! Hahahaha

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Others Take Stabs at the Shia :)

I'll reserve this post for the many emerging videos of fellow Muslims taking stabs at the funny Shia cult :) Thank God for the growing awareness among Muslim Arabs! Translation for Arabic appearing in videos is provided.

(1 of 2)
by a Libyan brother, making the destroyed al-Hakim
in the video talk like a soccer coach whose team just lost in a match

(2 of 2)
"Subduer of Rafidhah (Shia) Presents: Rafidhi Varieties"

near the end of the video, the Arabic appearing on 3 screens means:
"the shaikhs
(scholars) of mut'ah,
the women of mut'ah,
the children of mut'ah"

Monday, August 13, 2007

Funny way to "pray"

Here you see Yasir al-Habib leading a Shia prayer.[1] In the video above you hear him curse Abu Bakr, Omar, Aysha and Hafsa (ra.) right before the 3rd minute. May Allah destroys his filthy soul soon.

Notice in this video the funny way the Shia pray:
(1) his many 'takbeerahs' in the beginning (as if he's charging his head to prpepare for a 'good' prayer -haha, yeah right! You heard his voice in it!);
(2) the guy holding the microphone, who is supposedly an 'able, Muslim man' (like Islam details the description of who should join a prayer congregation)!!! He doesn't join the men in the prayer, thus missing on the reward of praying in a congregation -seems like the Shia fiqh is mute on that issue!). Of course you'd find ma
ny hadiths condemning such a "Muslim" man not joining others in the prayer!! He's not crasy nor is he a woman 'on her period' not to be able to join the congregation!! He's worse: he's a Shia, who doesn't feel obliged to join in!!!
(3) they don't make their voices beautiful when reciting the Quran (because they can't, they don't learn how to! They are busy doing latm over Hussain and preparing rebuttals and refutations against the Muslims!). Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "he is not from us who does not make his voice beautiful when reciting the Quran."
(4) The congregants also seem to be racing with Yasir into the next position in the prayer, something that invalidates one's prayer according to us, Muslims!!! Why do they have an 'imam' (leader) if they are leading him into the next position?!?!?! Hahaha!!
(5) You also hear him making du'a to "fatima and her father, her husband and her sons", which like I referred earlier, carries an extreme offense to the Prophet of Islam, making his name implicit and coming second to his own daughter (thereby proving the real message of Shi'ism: partisanship & worship of Muhammad's Family through his daughter Fatimah)!!!

Of course you'd find other things odd and strange, like them raising the hands to supplicate in the middle of the prayer. The Messenger of Allah said (on the authority of Anas ibn Malik -reported by al-Bukhari): "whoever performs our prayer, and faces our qiblah, and eats (from) our slaughtered meat, then he is the Muslim..". Thus, because the Shia do not perform our prayer (for the strange doings they do in it -not to forget their messed up 'version' of the wudu that makes their wudu invalid), that alone kicks them out of the fold of Islam, according to the Prophet!

I have several other videos similar to this where we can see how people from this cult perform their "Islamic" prayer, including Khomeini (may he be cursed), Hassan Nasrallah (may he be destroyed & cursed), and the best of all: "ayatullah" Bahjat!!!! I promise you'll love Bahjat so much to the point, even though he's soooo old, but you'll feel like you want to adopt him!!! Hahahaha

[1] H
e's one stupidly "honest" true Shia from either Kuwaiti or Iraqi origin, who fled Kuwait after the authorities ordered his arrest upon him issuing a series of cassette tapes -they're still popular in the Arab world- cursing the Prophet's Companions and wives. He's now 'exiled' in London, England, was leading few days ago an "anti-Wahhabi" demonstration in front of the "Saudi" embassy in London. His notoriety sank him into deeper pits after he was shown on a video calling for the burning and demolishing of Sunni mosques in Iraq (we'll show that video later).

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

British Queen is from Ahlul-Bayt!!!

If a Shia scholar is this STUPID,
what about the Shia layman???

---[video translation below]---

The video is from the numerous Sunni-Shia debates on the London-based al-Mustaqillah TV, not yet seen in North America. The caller is Lebanese Shia cleric Ali al-Kourani, sitting in the middle is the Tunisian host & owner of the station Dr. Muhammad al-Hashemi, to the right of the screen Kuwaiti Sunni-Salafi sheikh Uthman al-Khamis, and to the left Iraqi Shia cleric Muhammad al-Musawi.

  • al-Kourany says (important segments translated only & not literally):

"Who do we, along with sheikh Uthman, send prayers on while performing our prayers [during tashahhud]? On Ahlul-Bayt, all the clan of Hashem, 20 millions,[1] including five Christian Lebanese families!!![2] that is when you say in your prayers: "Muhammad wa aal-Muhammad' (the Household of Muhammad)". Your prayer also includes Queen Elizabeth (of Britain) because she's from the Prophet's offspring!!! Her mother, the wife of Dr. Henry VIII, is from the 'Idrisis',[3] from among you, O Sayyid,[4] so she belongs to the Children of Hashem as well!!!

  • al-Khamis, says:

"And he (al-Kourani) says also that the Queen belongs to the Children of Hashem, having a great grandmother from among the Idrisis!!! This (laughable) argument I have no answer for, really!"


[1] The Shia usually give false figures about their numbers or those descended (falsly) from the Prophet through his daughter Fatimah. Al-Kourani here contradicts the well-known Shia definition of who the Prophet's Family (Ahlu-Bayt) is; to them Ahlul-bayt are as defined by a funny phrase they came up with, which says: "(Ahlul-Bayt are) Fatimah & her father, her husband and her sons" (Arabic: fatimah wa abeeha, ba'luha wa baneeha)!!! Subhanallah, they base their beliefs not only on fabricated historical narrations and misunderstandings, but also on poetry!!!! But most importantly about that funny phrase, look how they made the Prophet's name IMPLICIT!!!! The Prophet of Islam, the Master of all Allah's creation, he is not the number one figure according to Shi'ism!!! Indeed, it is like Allah sent Muhammad to be the reason for Ahlul-Bayt coming to this world, then Muhammad's importance ceased to be!!!! And I wonder: would there be an Ahlul-Bayt without the Prophet??? This isn't a hard question like 'which came first, the egg or the chicken?'!!!!! The true, orthodox Islamic definition of Ahlul-Bayt is what we the Sunnis hold: they are the Propeht's wives and children (that inclues Fatimah and the other daughters the Shia deny were the Prophet's from Khadijah!!!), and Ali's children, al-Abbas', Aqeel's and Jaafar's. Al-Kourani also contradicts one Kuwaiti Shia magainze which claimed in an interview with a Shia Indonesian that "20 million Indonesians are descended from the Prophet" as well!!! We'll show a screenshot from the magazine's website in the future as a proof on this other Shia joke!!!

[2] This idiot seems to believe that the Christian Lebanese families that carry the familyname 'Hashem' are necessarily Hashemites!!! Plus, since when is it allowed in Islam to send prayers on non-Muslims other than to pray that Allah guides them to the true religion (Islam)??? And even if, we don't do that in the prayers we perform!!! Such an act would have to be sanctioned by the Prophet, and this never was the case!!!

[3] Ali's descendents in Iraq during the early Islamic era were known as Alawids; they were massacred by their cousins, the Abbasids. An Alawid by the name al-Idris ibn Abdullah al-Kamel fled across the vast Islamic empire then all the way to Morocco and founded a ruling dynasty there and in Muslim Spain. Al-Kourani here claims Queen Elizabeth is descended from one of them through her mother!!!!!

[4] Here al-Kourani is referring to the host, who is a Hashemite from Tunisia like his lastname itself reveals ("al-Hashemy"). The Shia call Hashemites 'sayyids' (masters), Sunnis don't do that necessarily or at least not always like the Shia do in their excessive veneration. More on this subject later.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Holy Shiite!!! Holy Smokes!!!

[ NEWS ] The Enemy of Allah al-Aziz al-Hakim, the piece of Shiite who goes around by the pseudo-name "Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim" (his real name is Aziz al-Tabataba'i) has been diagnosed with LUNG CANCER several months ago (sorry I forgot to share this great news with you then!) due to excessive addiction to smoking! Trusted source confirmed reports that leaked about his disease likely leading to AIDS!!! That's why, if you usually observe the Iraqi scene closely, you haven't seen his ugly face for a number of months!

May Allah hasten his filthy soul's destruction!!!

I am re-opening this funny file of the Shia clerics smoking in their places of worship and out in public.

I guess they'd do everything just to keep the 'believers' coming to their cult's temples, eh??? You know, "feel at home", "don't be hard on yourself", "Islam is an easy religion"!! Indeed, they allowed themselves sex outside marriage ("mut'ah"), anal sex (we'll give evidence to that soon), all sorts of sexual perversions between married couples and even members of the same gender (proofs will be laid out), in addition to our subject here of smoking (and even in their holy places) -a dirty habit, as we all know, and one which scholars of Islam deduced its prohibition.

No wonder that the Shia commoners are in such a pathetic state of ignorance to Allah's rights on them, and the respect they owe to those who brought their ancestors out of paganism (i.e., the Sahabah who did that) and idolatry; their own "scholars" are this stupid and ignorant of what's bad and harmful for their own bodies. If the clerics cannot give guidance to the commoners on such a simple issue as "what's bad for your health" (even though we see from the Islamic-Sunni-Salafi fatwa above the clear Quranic and Prophetic text concerning what harms one's body and soul), then do we expect the clerics to KNOW BETTER on what's bad for your iman, or what's right or wrong in the matters of faith???

Clearly, he who doesn't have..cannot give. That's why the Shia cult's members stand today as one of the most wicked, vile and low creatures from among all of Allah's creation. The poet was right:

The Shi'ites are truly the most evil of those
men and jinns who ever walked on stones

More pictures are coming for these 'Holy Smokers' soon insha'Allah.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dancing in Shia Temples

(1 of 2)
Shia 'She-male' dances
in the presence of an "ayatollah"

This took place, according to a recent word I got, during a gathering inside a Shia temple to celebrate the assasination of Muslim Caliph, Omar ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) by the Magian (Majoosi) Abu Lo'lo'ah the Persian.

I think this she-male means that he's the Caliph Omar, for the Shia heretics spread about Caliph Omar that he was "gay" (a baseless slander we'll prove exists with scanned pages from their classical books & screenshots from their websites), a slander to which Allah answered swiftly by turning it around on them (so you can see here, for example, their own statesmen and clergymen acting gay and issuing gay fatwas), just like He (swt) made their women whores and prostitutes through Mut'ah (after they slandered the Prophet's wife Aysha and accused her of that)!!! Glory be to Him, how Just He is!!!

{Indeed, Allah defends those who have believed} (22:38)

It was said first that the clergyman present (who is SEEN touching the dancing homo WHILE smoking SHEESHA!!!!) was Baqir al-Faly, an Iraqi-Arab Shia clergyman; later it was guessed that he is al-Korani (the Lebanese Shia idiot who seriously claimed Queen Elizabeth is from Ahlul-Bayt!!!). Regardless, he is a clergyman, a 'shaikh', who was supposed to be teaching the commoners proper behaviour!!!

And thanks to a Persian brother (who himself is a former Shia -you'll be linked to his YouTube profile soon), we now know what's being sung in the video!!! They are saying:
"Ah Ah Ah, Oh Oh Oh, Bareekul Allah, Abu Lo'lo"
"Bareekul Allah" rougly translates to: the one blessed by Allah;
"Abu Lo'lo'", is the Persian Majoosi (Magian) who assasinated Omar ibn al-Khattab!!! The Majoosi's name in Arabic is: Abu Lo'lo'ah al-Majoosi, where the word Lo'lo'ah means 'pearl'; he's known in Iran as Abu Lo'lo'.

We'll show pictures from Iran, and a video, for Abu Lo'lo's shrine where they Shia continue to flock there to celebrate the death of Caliph Omar. Iranian "Islamic" government (who claims to be caring about unity among Muslims, refuses to demolish the controversial shrine; this is despite the fact that when Iran sought to improve relations with Egypt, it changed the name of a street it had named after al-Islampuli, the Egyptian jihadist who planned the assasination of former Egyptian president Anwar al-Sadat!!! Iran refuses to demolish this shrine to improve relations with over one billion (Sunni) Muslims worldwide!!!! What does this tell you about Iran of the "Revolution" and the Shia in general??? Are they really people who care about your feelings, O Sunnis, to care about freeing your lands in Palestine or the Shebaa Farms, for example??? Or ask yourself: are these the acts of the ones who claim to be on the true Islam?????? If that's their reality, then what would a non-Muslim imagine those whom the Shia view as 'lesser Muslims' might be doing in their gatherings????

The Shia are not Muslims! Period.

(2 of 2)
Gulf Arabs turn
Hussain-worship temple
into a dance hall

I can hear the word "Ahlul-bayt" by the singer!!! Also, notice the pictures of their clergymen on the far wall in the center!!! I think this is the same "Hussainiyyah" from where I got a few pictures from their bloody ritual of Ashura I am to post on this blog soon.

So what else do they do in their temples? Oh, forgot, mut'ah and sodomy.

Monday, July 09, 2007

al-Karrar's Sword in al-Farrar's Hand*

COMING SOON ] a DEATH BLOW to the funny Shia myth of the Zul-Fiqar sword!!

al-Karrar's SWORD presented to Rum-has-fled!!!!

How shameless of the Rafidhi Safavids
Who're ruling Iraq from under the American machine-guns!!!

Thanks to an amazing proud Iraqi man (though a communist, he's from a Shia background), Nouri al-Muradi -may Allah guide him to the straight path, pointed out something very very VERY funny about this mythical sword, 'Zul-Fiqar,' the Rafidhis are so fond of imagining it looking like one of Aladin of Disney's swords!!! Al-Muradi (and you have to actually look at the sword in the picture in Rumsfeld's hands to get what's being said):
How can the sword go in its sheath when it has those blades???
OH ..MY ..GOD!!! HOW DID WE MISS THAT ONE???? Hahahahahahahahahaha

HOW DOES THE SWORD GO IN THE SHEATH???? HOW DID "ALI" DO IT???? simple answer: that sword never existed, because it CAN'T exist, Shia fools!!!

That's another thing to joke about when you Muslims mention the Shia in your circles, niyahahahahahahahaaa!!!! And Those of you (Shia or not) who can't get what Nouri al-Muradi said, look at this drawing (by me):

Nothing peculiarly Shia is EVER right!!! Hahahahahaha

* For those who don't understand the two Arabic words in the title, the word "al-Karrar" comes from the Arabic verb "to attack boldly". The Shia ceaselessly use that title for Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) to denote his exceptional bravery in battles, etc etc (something they cannot cite when they mention the alleged incidents of burning his house down at the hands of Omar and Abu Bakr -now that is a fabricated narration they stubbornly cling to- and when, on that same alleged night, Omar is said to have beaten up the Prophet's daugther Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with her) until she had a miscarriage!!!! All this while "the Attacker" Ali stood and watched????? We don't believe such an incident happened, and the Shia don't want to prove us wrong by verifying the isnad / sanad of the narration (to prove that it's authentically reported)!!!! Now, "al-Farrar" is the opposite of al-Karrar, he's the one who "runs away cowardly", which applies to Rumsfeld and America now in Iraq.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Iran's Women

[ EDIT ] merged 2 entries

Objects of Mut'ah, by the Religion....

....Subjects for Brutality, by the Regime

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mut'ah Website!!!!

Number of females registered:

Number of males registered:
103 !!!!

Tells you exactly who's the main 'beneficiary' from that form of 'zina' and who has the interest in keeping it 'halal': the men.

There isn't a halal in Islam that embarrasses a Muslim, but in Shi'ism (a false Islam) you can't have the Shia openly defending temporary marriage, esp. if you are arguing with a Shia girl! Deep inside, her fitrah abhors it, but what can she do??? Denying it means becoming partially Sunni and accepting something they (the Shia) believe was the work of Omar ibn al-Khattab (i.e., outlawing this kind of marriage). And being the stupid, stubborn, ignorant, arrogant people they are, the Shia just hold on to this filth out of sheer bigotry and hate for Islam (Sunnism) and Omar ibn al-Khattab.

Everywhere you go on the Internet, any matrimonial site for Muslims, would you find ONLY three females registered??? NO, NEVER, but when it comes to mut'ah, even the Shia girls themselves shun it!!!

Can anyone think of something allowed in Islam that a real Muslim would frown upon? Don't say polygamy, because 2% of Muslim men are said to be polygamous, so there is quite a fair number of women who accepted it, and many others who would accept it (better than to die alone, and never have kids, or never have someone to financially support her), but mut' real, sane Muslim can defend it! It is prohibited by Sunnis (90% of those who call themselves Muslims), and all the Shia sects (Zaidis, Ismailis) except the Twelvers (about whom is my blog, and who make up 70% of the Shia worldwide, meaning 7% of Muslims -whether they practice it really or just nominally identify themselves as Shia; such a small cult, it remains).

There was an article on "USA Today", titled: "Pleasure marriages regain popularity in Iraq ; Outlawed for years, Muta'a a means of income for widows"; see what happens when the Shia are 'left loose'? Like the saying goes: when the cat (Sunni authority) is away, mice (the Shia) come out & play!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Anal Sex Permissibleِ

I will show more proofs soon on this sick, peculiar trait of the Imami Twelver Shia (allowing anal sex, plus other forms of sexual perversions). For now let's watch the non-Muslim Americans testifying to that (perhaps some Shia would believe the Americans more than the Sunnis).

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Shia Class!!!

Everything about the Shia is funny.

Now we have this picture, what is so funny about this Shia class??

(1) the room is very small, yet the 'mullah' feels that he needs a microphone (perhaps to awaken those who fall asleep -like the guy to the right- due to the boring Shia talk they started hearing since they were being breastfed by their mothers);

(2) the mullah has TWO keyboards!!!!!! My guess is that one is for him, the other is for Shaytan (Satan) who dictatetes on him the shirk and kufr to utter!!!

Not to forget the very small turnout of attendants, maybe due to lack of mut'ah objects (Shia women)? Hmmmm, I think all their classes are like that (when not 'mixed', and due to the very nature of the Shia cult: it's very boring and dark.)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bloody Ashura!!!!

Of course I'd never forget to share with you the many gross and graphic pictures of the bloody rite of Ashura practised by this cult, so I will be uploading many soon on the web to share with you the laugh on these idiots whom Allah is punishing with their own hands for their deviance.

In the pictures we'll see the Shia sub-animals in India, Lebanon and the Arab Gulf region.

Lunatics, no, DEVILS !!!!!

This is some of what members of this cult do in their holes (fun & shirk are at their height after the 1:30 minute mark)

I can't help but note how much they remember Hussain and his parents, the Prophet's daughter Fatimah ("Zahra") and Ali!!!! Just wish if they remembered Allah ..won't say 'more' (because that's just a Sunni's dream), but equally like they remember Ahlulbayt!!!!!

Of course all the chanting is in Persian. The congregants are doing 'latm' (hitting their chests with their own hands), you can hear the sound of their latm! Total fools!! Who wants to be Shia but a fool???

MUD, no more BLOOD!!!

In Iran, flagellation was banned because of the defamation to the Shia cult it brings, so last Ashura Iranian Shia (in Bijar, southwest of Tehran) turned to MUD instead of letting blood gush out of their skulls...

I don't know what to call this 'improved practise'!! Neater? Cleaner? or more bloody stupid??????

These people will never cease to amaze me, no wonder I'm so drawn to keep an eye on what they do and say!!! They are SOOOOO ENTERTAINING, MY GOD!!! Hahahahaha

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ashu-rite Hypocrisy

A Shia cleric catches up with the 'other' fake Shia, however only after getting caught on camera 'not caring' about Hussain, then all of a sudden starting to...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gay Kisses Allowed

They may accuse me of posting 'Photoshopped' pictures, but how would they explain the fatwa (below) these many pictures???

Current Iranian president (right) Ahmadinajad kissing another man!!!

al-Hakim (assasinated by Zarqawi) kissing a child on the lips!!!

Rafsanjani kissing a teenaged boy on the lips!!

nidentified Shia scholar (but he appears to be Khamin'i)kissing a wounded grown man (perhaps from the Iraq-Iran war)!!!

And getting REALLY CLOSE are...

major (dead) "marjia", al-Shirazi!!

Rafsanjani again!!!

Kharroubi, head of Iranian parliament with Kurdish leader (now president of Iraq) Talabani!!!

A "scholar" from the al-Sadr family kissing Bremer, former American ruler of Occupied Iraq.

Supporting fatwa by leading Iranian "ayatollah", al-Rohani


Title: "Kiss in the mouth"!!


what's the ruling on (showing love toward) a person in his mouth (the 'kiss' -[colloquial Arabic inserted here: "al-bosah"]) in your opinion? [I admit the way the question is asked is retarded, but nonetheless the 'marjia' understands it and gives his fatwa!]

Answer: if (done) with suspicion (of aroused lust) then (it's) not allowed, otherwise nothing is wrong (with it).


And what's hidden is surely greater & uglier!!!


...and the Religion of Fitrah

A small Lebanese Shia girl, with still the intact, sound fitrah Allah created with her, is annoyed by the sound of weeping by grown women during the "rite of Ashura", in which the members of the Shia cult go against Islam (the religion they claim to be part of, or its real representatives) & reason..and make such a public display of shameless hypocrisy (mourning the martyrdom-death of Imam Hussain after more than 1400 years of it happening, they want to tell us, with such extraordinary outpour of feelings and tears!!!!)

I don't believe any one of them would weep like that on even any of their loved ones who died just in the last Israeli aggression (the summer of 2006) on Hizbullah..or even their casualties from the long war with Iraq only few decades ago -in the 1980's!!!!

Meanwhile, Imam Hussain (ra.) is happy and joyful in Jannah!!!

And Allah's curse be on those who killed Imam Hussain and those who approve of killing Imam Hussain.

Ayatullah Khazanova'i

You gotta love Khatami in this picture!!!!

For some time now I've had a number of such pictures for this suspicious "cleric" around women, I'll share them soon!!! But I just couldn't wait any longer to share this specific one above, hahaha!!!

What's going on??? Is this an Islamic state really??? Their president-cleric should know better than to get so close to women and GAZE like you see here!!!!!! One of the very basic teachings in Islam is keeping a safe distance from the opposite gender!!!!!

Now more pictures of thi
s 'cool cleric', hahahaha

And not only would this 'grown man' get too close to small girls...

but get also too close to grown women (more than in the picture above)...

Some Shia might try to tell you that that 'woman' is only his daughter,...
just like they told us when we showed them the following picture...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Prophet NOT the Highest Figure!!!

Ali & Offspring Primary Figures in Shi'ism!!!

See how the Prophet's dome (the green one) is made on a LOWER level, in this painting, than the other domes for the Shia "Imams" who are actually the Prophet's descendents!!! He's LOWER in rank, obviously, than his own offspring through his daughter Fatimah (ra.)!!!

Also, check the highlighted text in the illustrated screenshot below, taken from a Shia website which the Shia spread among themselves, indifferent about the rank Prophet Muhammad occupies in the order personalities of 'Ahlul-Bayt' are listed in that website!!!!

QUESTION: could there have been an 'Ahlul-Bayt' without Prophet Muhammad??

Look how they mention the Prophet's name, his title as a Prophet mentioned after his name, while his own offspring's..their titles as 'Imams' or whatever...come before their firstnames!!! Disrespecting the Prophet even more, don't you think???

But no wonder!!! Abu Ja'far said:

"is religion but (about) love [of Ahlul-Bayt]?"[1]

So Islam is not about worshipping the One and Only God worthy of worship, not about perfecting high manners, etc etc, not about loving and following Prophet Muhammad more than we love ourselves and follow our own whims,...but religion is only about following Ahlul-Bayt!!!

[1] al-Rawzah min al-Kafi' by al-Kulayni, chapter "the Wasiyyah of al-Nabi to Ameer ul-Mu'mineen", v. 8, pg. 80, printed in Tehran.


Their innovations are just out of this world, just like they're out of our religion (Islam)...
Celebrating the "Night of Power" (Laylatul Qadr)!!!

Just don't ask me about what they're doing to our Holy Book, disrespecting it like that..!!! How would a real Muslim (Sunni) feel if he were frequenting this cult's temples and saw them doing that to our Holy Book???

But then I remember, I shouldn't be surprised!!! There is hardly anything holy to these people that is part of Islam!!! They slander the Prophet's wives and companions, they disregard the marvellous achievments of Muslim rulers and states (when they are not "partisans of Ali" like they are), they have a totally different narrative of Islamic history, they just modify (most of the time 'corrupt') everything originally Islamic, just so they can develop their own distinct identity from us (well THANKS, makes spotting them way WAY easier, definitely)!!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Steady Steps Toward Incest

Molesting Daughters in Shi'ism is HALAL !!!!

Our proof is an answer by "ayatullah" Abtahi, in his website's Arabic section, on a question by a Shia girl (translation below):

ِ(click the picture to enlarge -or see the question alone here clearer, or -if you can read Arabic, the original URL for the question was here -on the last quarter of the page).
After our brothers in the Muslim (Sunni) forum "Defending the Sunnah" brought this scandal to light, the Abtahi website first changed his answer, then omitted the question, and then totally pulled down the entire website from cyberspace (to a no return inshallah)!!!!! That only proves how scared they are from their truth being known to the world, particularly their ignorant followers!!!! You can see in what they did the level of shame and embarassment he (who issued that 'fatwa' supposedly) and those working on his website felt after the real Muslims (Sunnis) exposed their Shia filth to the world!!!! We have proofs on the changes that were made to his website before it was completely shut down, and we'll present them soon inshallah).

Shameless, cowards indeed!!! They couldn't even defend the 'fatwa'???

We'll show you soon the origin of this crime from a major classical Shia book (regrettably it's a narration they attribute to one of Ahlulbayt's pure imams, -who is innocent from their filth like was the wolf from Prophet Yusuf's blood-, and that FABRICATED narration was 'starring' both the noble, pure Prophet of Allah, the Master of Mankind, Muhammad ibn Abdullah -may Allah's peace & blessings be uopn him and his pure Household- and his daughter Fatimah!!!! YOU CAN SEE THE SCANNED PAGE FROM THAT BOOK, in Arabic, THAT FILTHY ALLEGATION THAT THE PROPHET USED TO KISS HIS DAUGHTER BETWEEN HER BREASTS BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP!!!!!) --of course we'll provide a full reference to that narration and book!!!!

Now read the Shia girl's question to him, then his answer (the original answer, thanks to the "print screen" button on keyboards that allowed us to keep a screenshot of his website), and Allah is our Witness that we are saying only the truth, that we wouldn't accuse someone of something he didn't do!!! That would be the way of the weak, the one who can't refute his opponent but with such low, wicked ways; but we don't need to resort to these ways, as the proofs on the filth Shi'ism is are more than enough!!!!

I tried to make the translation as literal as possible (so that no one can accuse us of changing words or meanings):

Question #465:
I'm a girl aged 15 years, my father is very religious, and I wear full hijab outside, and alhamdulillah (for that), but my father kisses me very often between my breasts or in my mouth or comes from behind me and hugs me and kisses me on my neck, so I tell him: 'are those actions not haram?' then he tells me: 'they are haram if (done) with lust, but I do this to you with fatherly passion, and the Messenger Muhammad used to kiss his daughter, sayyidah Fatimah, on her neck and between her breasts and on her mouth and suck her tongue, so...did the Messenger fall into indecency with his daughter??? No! And if the Messenger did that then this is a permission for any father to do that with his daughter!' [The girl proceeds:] And then he [her father] tells me: 'I don't touch the awrah, which is the front and the back private part, and all that's not an 'awrah' we're allowed to see, touch, or kiss', and [the girl proceeds] he (says that) he does that too out of worry over me from getting lured by young men, (saying) [i.e,. her father] that the girl who surrenders herself to any young man is one deprived of the feelings of love and tenderness at home, so....[and now she's asking Ayatullah Abtahi] is what my father doing with me halal or haram? And if it's haram, how was the Messenger doing that with his daughter sayyidah Fatimah al-Zahraa'? And Thank you on this useful website.

Answer [pay attention to its LENGTH]:
And may Allah's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you. What your father's doing is allowed provided that he abides by what he told you; and that's in his heart, don't think ill of him. And you're welcome."

WHAT ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Just look at his answer, though!!! Almost one third of it (looking at the English translation) is the Islamic greeting!!! A WHOLE ONE THIRD!!!! What a waste of the poor girl's time who was probably reading his answer while her filthy dad was coming near her for another....., so instead of writing in his first line an urgent warning from falling for her dad's trick, Abtahi is relaaaaxed and is indifferent to this poor girl's perplexity and suffering at her father's hands!!!!!

And what is "you're welcome" supposed to mean here, huh???? Welcome in Abtahi's arms after your dad is done???

I think we do wrong when we focus on the mut'ah the Shia are sunk in at the expense of the steady steps they're walk toward incest!!!!!!!!

They just don't like to be but BASTARDS, it seems!!!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Shia Women for Entertainment

Kuwait's Shia Display their Girls
for Rafsanjani at the Iranian embassy

look how they stare at the women supposedly singing nasheeds!!! what, they don't have males to sing nasheeds anymore???? the "pious" mullahs' eyes alone are eating up those girls, those girls who affect piety, modesty and shyness!!! but does a girl who has any of those in her sound mind chooses to stand like that before many men, AND to sing in her feminine voice to them????? these girls are the followers of Fatimah and women of Ahlulbayt??? I see only the descendents of the Zoroastrians who made women a public property in pre-Islamic Persia (later they'd use Mut'ah to continue that Zoroastrian tradition of women being a common property for all men in society!!!) did Ali bring his girls to his male guests like that??? Are these the followers of Ali's household or the Jewish Ibn Saba'???

But you know what's the funny thing?? It's when we remember how the Shia allege that the Prophet's wives (hence all women, since the Prophet's wives are supposedly the role models, no???) shouldn't EVER leave their homes!!!! ...WHA??? Are women in Islam under permenant house arrest? Are they imprisoned for life?????? How stupid and idiotic to say!!!! That's one thing they never fail to mention when they remind their spiteful congregations of the 'Battle of the Camel'!!!

So they criticize our Mother Aysha for exerting a sincere effort to mobilize forces to avenge the slain Caliph 'Uthman' (at a time when Caliph Ali said he had not enough power); she merely wanted to use her special rank and prestige among Muslims to facilitate the task, she did NOT declare war on Ali!!! If she did, she would have did that in Medinah, not in Basra in modernday Iraq!!!!!!! Anybody ever looked at the map??? If you want to fight someone in the city you live, do you travel from Madinah to Basra??? And if you were a neutral observer, who would you say really waged the war on the other??? Those who went first to Basra or him (Ali) who went after them with troops??? You would say the latter!!! Nonetheless, because we are seekers of the truth, and we only rely on authentic sources, we believe that Ali was closer to the truth than our Mother Aysha's camp; we have Prophetic traditions that tell us that, and we submit to the clear and authentic Islamic text, in the Quran and the Sunnah. We wish if these Shia were anything close to that...!

So they hold against our Mother the 'mere leaving of her house in an emergency and in a time of necessity', but what do such Shia girls in the pictures above have of reasons to justify their immodest standing as sexual objects before men's eyes to stare at them without any shame???