Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ashu-rite Hypocrisy

A Shia cleric catches up with the 'other' fake Shia, however only after getting caught on camera 'not caring' about Hussain, then all of a sudden starting to...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gay Kisses Allowed

They may accuse me of posting 'Photoshopped' pictures, but how would they explain the fatwa (below) these many pictures???

Current Iranian president (right) Ahmadinajad kissing another man!!!

al-Hakim (assasinated by Zarqawi) kissing a child on the lips!!!

Rafsanjani kissing a teenaged boy on the lips!!

nidentified Shia scholar (but he appears to be Khamin'i)kissing a wounded grown man (perhaps from the Iraq-Iran war)!!!

And getting REALLY CLOSE are...

major (dead) "marjia", al-Shirazi!!

Rafsanjani again!!!

Kharroubi, head of Iranian parliament with Kurdish leader (now president of Iraq) Talabani!!!

A "scholar" from the al-Sadr family kissing Bremer, former American ruler of Occupied Iraq.

Supporting fatwa by leading Iranian "ayatollah", al-Rohani


Title: "Kiss in the mouth"!!


what's the ruling on (showing love toward) a person in his mouth (the 'kiss' -[colloquial Arabic inserted here: "al-bosah"]) in your opinion? [I admit the way the question is asked is retarded, but nonetheless the 'marjia' understands it and gives his fatwa!]

Answer: if (done) with suspicion (of aroused lust) then (it's) not allowed, otherwise nothing is wrong (with it).


And what's hidden is surely greater & uglier!!!


...and the Religion of Fitrah

A small Lebanese Shia girl, with still the intact, sound fitrah Allah created with her, is annoyed by the sound of weeping by grown women during the "rite of Ashura", in which the members of the Shia cult go against Islam (the religion they claim to be part of, or its real representatives) & reason..and make such a public display of shameless hypocrisy (mourning the martyrdom-death of Imam Hussain after more than 1400 years of it happening, they want to tell us, with such extraordinary outpour of feelings and tears!!!!)

I don't believe any one of them would weep like that on even any of their loved ones who died just in the last Israeli aggression (the summer of 2006) on Hizbullah..or even their casualties from the long war with Iraq only few decades ago -in the 1980's!!!!

Meanwhile, Imam Hussain (ra.) is happy and joyful in Jannah!!!

And Allah's curse be on those who killed Imam Hussain and those who approve of killing Imam Hussain.

Ayatullah Khazanova'i

You gotta love Khatami in this picture!!!!

For some time now I've had a number of such pictures for this suspicious "cleric" around women, I'll share them soon!!! But I just couldn't wait any longer to share this specific one above, hahaha!!!

What's going on??? Is this an Islamic state really??? Their president-cleric should know better than to get so close to women and GAZE like you see here!!!!!! One of the very basic teachings in Islam is keeping a safe distance from the opposite gender!!!!!

Now more pictures of thi
s 'cool cleric', hahahaha

And not only would this 'grown man' get too close to small girls...

but get also too close to grown women (more than in the picture above)...

Some Shia might try to tell you that that 'woman' is only his daughter,...
just like they told us when we showed them the following picture...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Prophet NOT the Highest Figure!!!

Ali & Offspring Primary Figures in Shi'ism!!!

See how the Prophet's dome (the green one) is made on a LOWER level, in this painting, than the other domes for the Shia "Imams" who are actually the Prophet's descendents!!! He's LOWER in rank, obviously, than his own offspring through his daughter Fatimah (ra.)!!!

Also, check the highlighted text in the illustrated screenshot below, taken from a Shia website which the Shia spread among themselves, indifferent about the rank Prophet Muhammad occupies in the order personalities of 'Ahlul-Bayt' are listed in that website!!!!

QUESTION: could there have been an 'Ahlul-Bayt' without Prophet Muhammad??

Look how they mention the Prophet's name, his title as a Prophet mentioned after his name, while his own offspring's..their titles as 'Imams' or whatever...come before their firstnames!!! Disrespecting the Prophet even more, don't you think???

But no wonder!!! Abu Ja'far said:

"is religion but (about) love [of Ahlul-Bayt]?"[1]

So Islam is not about worshipping the One and Only God worthy of worship, not about perfecting high manners, etc etc, not about loving and following Prophet Muhammad more than we love ourselves and follow our own whims,...but religion is only about following Ahlul-Bayt!!!

[1] al-Rawzah min al-Kafi' by al-Kulayni, chapter "the Wasiyyah of al-Nabi to Ameer ul-Mu'mineen", v. 8, pg. 80, printed in Tehran.


Their innovations are just out of this world, just like they're out of our religion (Islam)...
Celebrating the "Night of Power" (Laylatul Qadr)!!!

Just don't ask me about what they're doing to our Holy Book, disrespecting it like that..!!! How would a real Muslim (Sunni) feel if he were frequenting this cult's temples and saw them doing that to our Holy Book???

But then I remember, I shouldn't be surprised!!! There is hardly anything holy to these people that is part of Islam!!! They slander the Prophet's wives and companions, they disregard the marvellous achievments of Muslim rulers and states (when they are not "partisans of Ali" like they are), they have a totally different narrative of Islamic history, they just modify (most of the time 'corrupt') everything originally Islamic, just so they can develop their own distinct identity from us (well THANKS, makes spotting them way WAY easier, definitely)!!!