Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Others Take Stabs at the Shia :)

I'll reserve this post for the many emerging videos of fellow Muslims taking stabs at the funny Shia cult :) Thank God for the growing awareness among Muslim Arabs! Translation for Arabic appearing in videos is provided.

(1 of 2)
by a Libyan brother, making the destroyed al-Hakim
in the video talk like a soccer coach whose team just lost in a match

(2 of 2)
"Subduer of Rafidhah (Shia) Presents: Rafidhi Varieties"

near the end of the video, the Arabic appearing on 3 screens means:
"the shaikhs
(scholars) of mut'ah,
the women of mut'ah,
the children of mut'ah"

Monday, August 13, 2007

Funny way to "pray"

Here you see Yasir al-Habib leading a Shia prayer.[1] In the video above you hear him curse Abu Bakr, Omar, Aysha and Hafsa (ra.) right before the 3rd minute. May Allah destroys his filthy soul soon.

Notice in this video the funny way the Shia pray:
(1) his many 'takbeerahs' in the beginning (as if he's charging his head to prpepare for a 'good' prayer -haha, yeah right! You heard his voice in it!);
(2) the guy holding the microphone, who is supposedly an 'able, Muslim man' (like Islam details the description of who should join a prayer congregation)!!! He doesn't join the men in the prayer, thus missing on the reward of praying in a congregation -seems like the Shia fiqh is mute on that issue!). Of course you'd find ma
ny hadiths condemning such a "Muslim" man not joining others in the prayer!! He's not crasy nor is he a woman 'on her period' not to be able to join the congregation!! He's worse: he's a Shia, who doesn't feel obliged to join in!!!
(3) they don't make their voices beautiful when reciting the Quran (because they can't, they don't learn how to! They are busy doing latm over Hussain and preparing rebuttals and refutations against the Muslims!). Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "he is not from us who does not make his voice beautiful when reciting the Quran."
(4) The congregants also seem to be racing with Yasir into the next position in the prayer, something that invalidates one's prayer according to us, Muslims!!! Why do they have an 'imam' (leader) if they are leading him into the next position?!?!?! Hahaha!!
(5) You also hear him making du'a to "fatima and her father, her husband and her sons", which like I referred earlier, carries an extreme offense to the Prophet of Islam, making his name implicit and coming second to his own daughter (thereby proving the real message of Shi'ism: partisanship & worship of Muhammad's Family through his daughter Fatimah)!!!

Of course you'd find other things odd and strange, like them raising the hands to supplicate in the middle of the prayer. The Messenger of Allah said (on the authority of Anas ibn Malik -reported by al-Bukhari): "whoever performs our prayer, and faces our qiblah, and eats (from) our slaughtered meat, then he is the Muslim..". Thus, because the Shia do not perform our prayer (for the strange doings they do in it -not to forget their messed up 'version' of the wudu that makes their wudu invalid), that alone kicks them out of the fold of Islam, according to the Prophet!

I have several other videos similar to this where we can see how people from this cult perform their "Islamic" prayer, including Khomeini (may he be cursed), Hassan Nasrallah (may he be destroyed & cursed), and the best of all: "ayatullah" Bahjat!!!! I promise you'll love Bahjat so much to the point, even though he's soooo old, but you'll feel like you want to adopt him!!! Hahahaha

[1] H
e's one stupidly "honest" true Shia from either Kuwaiti or Iraqi origin, who fled Kuwait after the authorities ordered his arrest upon him issuing a series of cassette tapes -they're still popular in the Arab world- cursing the Prophet's Companions and wives. He's now 'exiled' in London, England, was leading few days ago an "anti-Wahhabi" demonstration in front of the "Saudi" embassy in London. His notoriety sank him into deeper pits after he was shown on a video calling for the burning and demolishing of Sunni mosques in Iraq (we'll show that video later).