Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Steady Steps Toward Incest

Molesting Daughters in Shi'ism is HALAL !!!!

Our proof is an answer by "ayatullah" Abtahi, in his website's Arabic section, on a question by a Shia girl (translation below):

ِ(click the picture to enlarge -or see the question alone here clearer, or -if you can read Arabic, the original URL for the question was here -on the last quarter of the page).
After our brothers in the Muslim (Sunni) forum "Defending the Sunnah" brought this scandal to light, the Abtahi website first changed his answer, then omitted the question, and then totally pulled down the entire website from cyberspace (to a no return inshallah)!!!!! That only proves how scared they are from their truth being known to the world, particularly their ignorant followers!!!! You can see in what they did the level of shame and embarassment he (who issued that 'fatwa' supposedly) and those working on his website felt after the real Muslims (Sunnis) exposed their Shia filth to the world!!!! We have proofs on the changes that were made to his website before it was completely shut down, and we'll present them soon inshallah).

Shameless, cowards indeed!!! They couldn't even defend the 'fatwa'???

We'll show you soon the origin of this crime from a major classical Shia book (regrettably it's a narration they attribute to one of Ahlulbayt's pure imams, -who is innocent from their filth like was the wolf from Prophet Yusuf's blood-, and that FABRICATED narration was 'starring' both the noble, pure Prophet of Allah, the Master of Mankind, Muhammad ibn Abdullah -may Allah's peace & blessings be uopn him and his pure Household- and his daughter Fatimah!!!! YOU CAN SEE THE SCANNED PAGE FROM THAT BOOK, in Arabic, THAT FILTHY ALLEGATION THAT THE PROPHET USED TO KISS HIS DAUGHTER BETWEEN HER BREASTS BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP!!!!!) --of course we'll provide a full reference to that narration and book!!!!

Now read the Shia girl's question to him, then his answer (the original answer, thanks to the "print screen" button on keyboards that allowed us to keep a screenshot of his website), and Allah is our Witness that we are saying only the truth, that we wouldn't accuse someone of something he didn't do!!! That would be the way of the weak, the one who can't refute his opponent but with such low, wicked ways; but we don't need to resort to these ways, as the proofs on the filth Shi'ism is are more than enough!!!!

I tried to make the translation as literal as possible (so that no one can accuse us of changing words or meanings):

Question #465:
I'm a girl aged 15 years, my father is very religious, and I wear full hijab outside, and alhamdulillah (for that), but my father kisses me very often between my breasts or in my mouth or comes from behind me and hugs me and kisses me on my neck, so I tell him: 'are those actions not haram?' then he tells me: 'they are haram if (done) with lust, but I do this to you with fatherly passion, and the Messenger Muhammad used to kiss his daughter, sayyidah Fatimah, on her neck and between her breasts and on her mouth and suck her tongue, so...did the Messenger fall into indecency with his daughter??? No! And if the Messenger did that then this is a permission for any father to do that with his daughter!' [The girl proceeds:] And then he [her father] tells me: 'I don't touch the awrah, which is the front and the back private part, and all that's not an 'awrah' we're allowed to see, touch, or kiss', and [the girl proceeds] he (says that) he does that too out of worry over me from getting lured by young men, (saying) [i.e,. her father] that the girl who surrenders herself to any young man is one deprived of the feelings of love and tenderness at home, so....[and now she's asking Ayatullah Abtahi] is what my father doing with me halal or haram? And if it's haram, how was the Messenger doing that with his daughter sayyidah Fatimah al-Zahraa'? And Thank you on this useful website.

Answer [pay attention to its LENGTH]:
And may Allah's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you. What your father's doing is allowed provided that he abides by what he told you; and that's in his heart, don't think ill of him. And you're welcome."

WHAT ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Just look at his answer, though!!! Almost one third of it (looking at the English translation) is the Islamic greeting!!! A WHOLE ONE THIRD!!!! What a waste of the poor girl's time who was probably reading his answer while her filthy dad was coming near her for another....., so instead of writing in his first line an urgent warning from falling for her dad's trick, Abtahi is relaaaaxed and is indifferent to this poor girl's perplexity and suffering at her father's hands!!!!!

And what is "you're welcome" supposed to mean here, huh???? Welcome in Abtahi's arms after your dad is done???

I think we do wrong when we focus on the mut'ah the Shia are sunk in at the expense of the steady steps they're walk toward incest!!!!!!!!

They just don't like to be but BASTARDS, it seems!!!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Shia Women for Entertainment

Kuwait's Shia Display their Girls
for Rafsanjani at the Iranian embassy

look how they stare at the women supposedly singing nasheeds!!! what, they don't have males to sing nasheeds anymore???? the "pious" mullahs' eyes alone are eating up those girls, those girls who affect piety, modesty and shyness!!! but does a girl who has any of those in her sound mind chooses to stand like that before many men, AND to sing in her feminine voice to them????? these girls are the followers of Fatimah and women of Ahlulbayt??? I see only the descendents of the Zoroastrians who made women a public property in pre-Islamic Persia (later they'd use Mut'ah to continue that Zoroastrian tradition of women being a common property for all men in society!!!) did Ali bring his girls to his male guests like that??? Are these the followers of Ali's household or the Jewish Ibn Saba'???

But you know what's the funny thing?? It's when we remember how the Shia allege that the Prophet's wives (hence all women, since the Prophet's wives are supposedly the role models, no???) shouldn't EVER leave their homes!!!! ...WHA??? Are women in Islam under permenant house arrest? Are they imprisoned for life?????? How stupid and idiotic to say!!!! That's one thing they never fail to mention when they remind their spiteful congregations of the 'Battle of the Camel'!!!

So they criticize our Mother Aysha for exerting a sincere effort to mobilize forces to avenge the slain Caliph 'Uthman' (at a time when Caliph Ali said he had not enough power); she merely wanted to use her special rank and prestige among Muslims to facilitate the task, she did NOT declare war on Ali!!! If she did, she would have did that in Medinah, not in Basra in modernday Iraq!!!!!!! Anybody ever looked at the map??? If you want to fight someone in the city you live, do you travel from Madinah to Basra??? And if you were a neutral observer, who would you say really waged the war on the other??? Those who went first to Basra or him (Ali) who went after them with troops??? You would say the latter!!! Nonetheless, because we are seekers of the truth, and we only rely on authentic sources, we believe that Ali was closer to the truth than our Mother Aysha's camp; we have Prophetic traditions that tell us that, and we submit to the clear and authentic Islamic text, in the Quran and the Sunnah. We wish if these Shia were anything close to that...!

So they hold against our Mother the 'mere leaving of her house in an emergency and in a time of necessity', but what do such Shia girls in the pictures above have of reasons to justify their immodest standing as sexual objects before men's eyes to stare at them without any shame???

Laymen's Hate

(1 of 2)

This is a picture I saved (thanks to the 'print screen' button) for an ugly, Shia bigot on an majority-Indian Shia-infected website. I remember that this girl was surprised that someone sent her a private message on that website (apparently her looks don't draw any interested mut'ah seekers), haha! It was yours truly messaging her, making her aware that her picture was noticed & saved (and which, of course, were APPROVED by the staff of that website -tells you how much they revere our (Sunni) Islamic books of hadiths like Bukhari whom this "Masooma" girl was insulting in these pictures -while all it contains are the most authentic (inspired) sayings of the Prophet of Islam:

{Nor does he [i.e., Muhammad] speak from [his own] inclination;
It is not but a revelation revealed} (53:3-4)

See how the silliest, youngest of the Shia are so aware of their differences from mainstream Muslims, how they are brought up on disrespecting everything a Muslim (Sunni) holds sacred and dear, including the books of Prophetic traditions more than a billion Muslims learn their religion from:

Of course you can read the 'captions', and how in the 2nd picture she's insulting the great Companion of the Prophet, our Sayyid Omar ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him, and may his seerah forever vex the Magians / Majoos, the Shia).

(2 of 2)

A Shia member of (Nagos12) calls the first three Muslim Caliphs "devils"; she meant Abu Bakr (as-Siddiq), Omar ibn al-Khattab (al-Faruq), and Othman ibn Affan (Zun-Nurayn), may Allah be pleased with them, and may He destroy all their enemies.

May Allah destroy her and all the enemies of Islam and the enemies of those who carried it to the world (including the now-Shia pockets of heresy in the Levant, Arabia, Persia and the Indian Subcontinent).

Hussain or Hasna ???

You would think that the Shia really REALLY care about what happened in Karbala, seeing all that blood gushing out of their filthy, empty skulls (flagellation) and hitting themselves with chains & huge blades, etc etc, ...but a closer look reveals that what's being done is in reality sheer hypocrisy and pure show-off seeking to attrack and appeal to members of the 'opposite gender' who are SURELY watching ;) Indeed, there is a lot of exposed 'meat' in Ashura; NO, I don't mean those men's torn, bloody skin! I mean the MEAT MARKET Ashura celebrations in reality are!!!

See for yourself from two of the most active Shia hotbeds in the Middle East.

Ashura in Iran

[more pictures from our SOURCE]

Remarkable influence of Hussain's martyrdom on Iranian youth, wouldn't you agree? How many of these look like they are mourning Hussain?? Instead they are checking out that Hasna* !!!

Is this What the Shia (who ceaselessly try to convert us to their religion) want to see in our religious gatherings after we are no longer (Sunni) Muslims??? Who would want to see an occassion to mourn becoming an opportunity to MUT'AH???

Ashura in Southern Lebanon

See in this video how the remembrance of Hussein is coupled (rather overridden) by the desire to impress the opposite gender!!! How a form of worship (Ashura, to the Shia) was joined with man's lust for sexual gratification & physical love!!

UPDATE: Upon realizing that the above video was no longe available (removed by its director, Katia Saleh, for unknown reasons), I found its source on the web (for those interested, like me, to eventually get it) here:

* For those wondering what the title ("Hussain or Hasna") means, one of the Arabic words for beauty is "husn" (from which names like Hussain and Hasan are derived), but those names (Hassan and Hussain) are for males; a feminine derivative from 'husn' would be 'Hasna' (meaning: a beautiful girl). So we're just mocking these Shi'ites: are you there for the martyred Hussain (ra.) or that beautiful Shi'ite "Hasna" girl watching your flagellation? :)