Wednesday, July 25, 2007

British Queen is from Ahlul-Bayt!!!

If a Shia scholar is this STUPID,
what about the Shia layman???

---[video translation below]---

The video is from the numerous Sunni-Shia debates on the London-based al-Mustaqillah TV, not yet seen in North America. The caller is Lebanese Shia cleric Ali al-Kourani, sitting in the middle is the Tunisian host & owner of the station Dr. Muhammad al-Hashemi, to the right of the screen Kuwaiti Sunni-Salafi sheikh Uthman al-Khamis, and to the left Iraqi Shia cleric Muhammad al-Musawi.

  • al-Kourany says (important segments translated only & not literally):

"Who do we, along with sheikh Uthman, send prayers on while performing our prayers [during tashahhud]? On Ahlul-Bayt, all the clan of Hashem, 20 millions,[1] including five Christian Lebanese families!!![2] that is when you say in your prayers: "Muhammad wa aal-Muhammad' (the Household of Muhammad)". Your prayer also includes Queen Elizabeth (of Britain) because she's from the Prophet's offspring!!! Her mother, the wife of Dr. Henry VIII, is from the 'Idrisis',[3] from among you, O Sayyid,[4] so she belongs to the Children of Hashem as well!!!

  • al-Khamis, says:

"And he (al-Kourani) says also that the Queen belongs to the Children of Hashem, having a great grandmother from among the Idrisis!!! This (laughable) argument I have no answer for, really!"


[1] The Shia usually give false figures about their numbers or those descended (falsly) from the Prophet through his daughter Fatimah. Al-Kourani here contradicts the well-known Shia definition of who the Prophet's Family (Ahlu-Bayt) is; to them Ahlul-bayt are as defined by a funny phrase they came up with, which says: "(Ahlul-Bayt are) Fatimah & her father, her husband and her sons" (Arabic: fatimah wa abeeha, ba'luha wa baneeha)!!! Subhanallah, they base their beliefs not only on fabricated historical narrations and misunderstandings, but also on poetry!!!! But most importantly about that funny phrase, look how they made the Prophet's name IMPLICIT!!!! The Prophet of Islam, the Master of all Allah's creation, he is not the number one figure according to Shi'ism!!! Indeed, it is like Allah sent Muhammad to be the reason for Ahlul-Bayt coming to this world, then Muhammad's importance ceased to be!!!! And I wonder: would there be an Ahlul-Bayt without the Prophet??? This isn't a hard question like 'which came first, the egg or the chicken?'!!!!! The true, orthodox Islamic definition of Ahlul-Bayt is what we the Sunnis hold: they are the Propeht's wives and children (that inclues Fatimah and the other daughters the Shia deny were the Prophet's from Khadijah!!!), and Ali's children, al-Abbas', Aqeel's and Jaafar's. Al-Kourani also contradicts one Kuwaiti Shia magainze which claimed in an interview with a Shia Indonesian that "20 million Indonesians are descended from the Prophet" as well!!! We'll show a screenshot from the magazine's website in the future as a proof on this other Shia joke!!!

[2] This idiot seems to believe that the Christian Lebanese families that carry the familyname 'Hashem' are necessarily Hashemites!!! Plus, since when is it allowed in Islam to send prayers on non-Muslims other than to pray that Allah guides them to the true religion (Islam)??? And even if, we don't do that in the prayers we perform!!! Such an act would have to be sanctioned by the Prophet, and this never was the case!!!

[3] Ali's descendents in Iraq during the early Islamic era were known as Alawids; they were massacred by their cousins, the Abbasids. An Alawid by the name al-Idris ibn Abdullah al-Kamel fled across the vast Islamic empire then all the way to Morocco and founded a ruling dynasty there and in Muslim Spain. Al-Kourani here claims Queen Elizabeth is descended from one of them through her mother!!!!!

[4] Here al-Kourani is referring to the host, who is a Hashemite from Tunisia like his lastname itself reveals ("al-Hashemy"). The Shia call Hashemites 'sayyids' (masters), Sunnis don't do that necessarily or at least not always like the Shia do in their excessive veneration. More on this subject later.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Holy Shiite!!! Holy Smokes!!!

[ NEWS ] The Enemy of Allah al-Aziz al-Hakim, the piece of Shiite who goes around by the pseudo-name "Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim" (his real name is Aziz al-Tabataba'i) has been diagnosed with LUNG CANCER several months ago (sorry I forgot to share this great news with you then!) due to excessive addiction to smoking! Trusted source confirmed reports that leaked about his disease likely leading to AIDS!!! That's why, if you usually observe the Iraqi scene closely, you haven't seen his ugly face for a number of months!

May Allah hasten his filthy soul's destruction!!!

I am re-opening this funny file of the Shia clerics smoking in their places of worship and out in public.

I guess they'd do everything just to keep the 'believers' coming to their cult's temples, eh??? You know, "feel at home", "don't be hard on yourself", "Islam is an easy religion"!! Indeed, they allowed themselves sex outside marriage ("mut'ah"), anal sex (we'll give evidence to that soon), all sorts of sexual perversions between married couples and even members of the same gender (proofs will be laid out), in addition to our subject here of smoking (and even in their holy places) -a dirty habit, as we all know, and one which scholars of Islam deduced its prohibition.

No wonder that the Shia commoners are in such a pathetic state of ignorance to Allah's rights on them, and the respect they owe to those who brought their ancestors out of paganism (i.e., the Sahabah who did that) and idolatry; their own "scholars" are this stupid and ignorant of what's bad and harmful for their own bodies. If the clerics cannot give guidance to the commoners on such a simple issue as "what's bad for your health" (even though we see from the Islamic-Sunni-Salafi fatwa above the clear Quranic and Prophetic text concerning what harms one's body and soul), then do we expect the clerics to KNOW BETTER on what's bad for your iman, or what's right or wrong in the matters of faith???

Clearly, he who doesn't have..cannot give. That's why the Shia cult's members stand today as one of the most wicked, vile and low creatures from among all of Allah's creation. The poet was right:

The Shi'ites are truly the most evil of those
men and jinns who ever walked on stones

More pictures are coming for these 'Holy Smokers' soon insha'Allah.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dancing in Shia Temples

(1 of 2)
Shia 'She-male' dances
in the presence of an "ayatollah"

This took place, according to a recent word I got, during a gathering inside a Shia temple to celebrate the assasination of Muslim Caliph, Omar ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) by the Magian (Majoosi) Abu Lo'lo'ah the Persian.

I think this she-male means that he's the Caliph Omar, for the Shia heretics spread about Caliph Omar that he was "gay" (a baseless slander we'll prove exists with scanned pages from their classical books & screenshots from their websites), a slander to which Allah answered swiftly by turning it around on them (so you can see here, for example, their own statesmen and clergymen acting gay and issuing gay fatwas), just like He (swt) made their women whores and prostitutes through Mut'ah (after they slandered the Prophet's wife Aysha and accused her of that)!!! Glory be to Him, how Just He is!!!

{Indeed, Allah defends those who have believed} (22:38)

It was said first that the clergyman present (who is SEEN touching the dancing homo WHILE smoking SHEESHA!!!!) was Baqir al-Faly, an Iraqi-Arab Shia clergyman; later it was guessed that he is al-Korani (the Lebanese Shia idiot who seriously claimed Queen Elizabeth is from Ahlul-Bayt!!!). Regardless, he is a clergyman, a 'shaikh', who was supposed to be teaching the commoners proper behaviour!!!

And thanks to a Persian brother (who himself is a former Shia -you'll be linked to his YouTube profile soon), we now know what's being sung in the video!!! They are saying:
"Ah Ah Ah, Oh Oh Oh, Bareekul Allah, Abu Lo'lo"
"Bareekul Allah" rougly translates to: the one blessed by Allah;
"Abu Lo'lo'", is the Persian Majoosi (Magian) who assasinated Omar ibn al-Khattab!!! The Majoosi's name in Arabic is: Abu Lo'lo'ah al-Majoosi, where the word Lo'lo'ah means 'pearl'; he's known in Iran as Abu Lo'lo'.

We'll show pictures from Iran, and a video, for Abu Lo'lo's shrine where they Shia continue to flock there to celebrate the death of Caliph Omar. Iranian "Islamic" government (who claims to be caring about unity among Muslims, refuses to demolish the controversial shrine; this is despite the fact that when Iran sought to improve relations with Egypt, it changed the name of a street it had named after al-Islampuli, the Egyptian jihadist who planned the assasination of former Egyptian president Anwar al-Sadat!!! Iran refuses to demolish this shrine to improve relations with over one billion (Sunni) Muslims worldwide!!!! What does this tell you about Iran of the "Revolution" and the Shia in general??? Are they really people who care about your feelings, O Sunnis, to care about freeing your lands in Palestine or the Shebaa Farms, for example??? Or ask yourself: are these the acts of the ones who claim to be on the true Islam?????? If that's their reality, then what would a non-Muslim imagine those whom the Shia view as 'lesser Muslims' might be doing in their gatherings????

The Shia are not Muslims! Period.

(2 of 2)
Gulf Arabs turn
Hussain-worship temple
into a dance hall

I can hear the word "Ahlul-bayt" by the singer!!! Also, notice the pictures of their clergymen on the far wall in the center!!! I think this is the same "Hussainiyyah" from where I got a few pictures from their bloody ritual of Ashura I am to post on this blog soon.

So what else do they do in their temples? Oh, forgot, mut'ah and sodomy.

Monday, July 09, 2007

al-Karrar's Sword in al-Farrar's Hand*

COMING SOON ] a DEATH BLOW to the funny Shia myth of the Zul-Fiqar sword!!

al-Karrar's SWORD presented to Rum-has-fled!!!!

How shameless of the Rafidhi Safavids
Who're ruling Iraq from under the American machine-guns!!!

Thanks to an amazing proud Iraqi man (though a communist, he's from a Shia background), Nouri al-Muradi -may Allah guide him to the straight path, pointed out something very very VERY funny about this mythical sword, 'Zul-Fiqar,' the Rafidhis are so fond of imagining it looking like one of Aladin of Disney's swords!!! Al-Muradi (and you have to actually look at the sword in the picture in Rumsfeld's hands to get what's being said):
How can the sword go in its sheath when it has those blades???
OH ..MY ..GOD!!! HOW DID WE MISS THAT ONE???? Hahahahahahahahahaha

HOW DOES THE SWORD GO IN THE SHEATH???? HOW DID "ALI" DO IT???? simple answer: that sword never existed, because it CAN'T exist, Shia fools!!!

That's another thing to joke about when you Muslims mention the Shia in your circles, niyahahahahahahahaaa!!!! And Those of you (Shia or not) who can't get what Nouri al-Muradi said, look at this drawing (by me):

Nothing peculiarly Shia is EVER right!!! Hahahahahaha

* For those who don't understand the two Arabic words in the title, the word "al-Karrar" comes from the Arabic verb "to attack boldly". The Shia ceaselessly use that title for Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) to denote his exceptional bravery in battles, etc etc (something they cannot cite when they mention the alleged incidents of burning his house down at the hands of Omar and Abu Bakr -now that is a fabricated narration they stubbornly cling to- and when, on that same alleged night, Omar is said to have beaten up the Prophet's daugther Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with her) until she had a miscarriage!!!! All this while "the Attacker" Ali stood and watched????? We don't believe such an incident happened, and the Shia don't want to prove us wrong by verifying the isnad / sanad of the narration (to prove that it's authentically reported)!!!! Now, "al-Farrar" is the opposite of al-Karrar, he's the one who "runs away cowardly", which applies to Rumsfeld and America now in Iraq.