Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mut'ah Website!!!!

Number of females registered:

Number of males registered:
103 !!!!

Tells you exactly who's the main 'beneficiary' from that form of 'zina' and who has the interest in keeping it 'halal': the men.

There isn't a halal in Islam that embarrasses a Muslim, but in Shi'ism (a false Islam) you can't have the Shia openly defending temporary marriage, esp. if you are arguing with a Shia girl! Deep inside, her fitrah abhors it, but what can she do??? Denying it means becoming partially Sunni and accepting something they (the Shia) believe was the work of Omar ibn al-Khattab (i.e., outlawing this kind of marriage). And being the stupid, stubborn, ignorant, arrogant people they are, the Shia just hold on to this filth out of sheer bigotry and hate for Islam (Sunnism) and Omar ibn al-Khattab.

Everywhere you go on the Internet, any matrimonial site for Muslims, would you find ONLY three females registered??? NO, NEVER, but when it comes to mut'ah, even the Shia girls themselves shun it!!!

Can anyone think of something allowed in Islam that a real Muslim would frown upon? Don't say polygamy, because 2% of Muslim men are said to be polygamous, so there is quite a fair number of women who accepted it, and many others who would accept it (better than to die alone, and never have kids, or never have someone to financially support her), but mut' real, sane Muslim can defend it! It is prohibited by Sunnis (90% of those who call themselves Muslims), and all the Shia sects (Zaidis, Ismailis) except the Twelvers (about whom is my blog, and who make up 70% of the Shia worldwide, meaning 7% of Muslims -whether they practice it really or just nominally identify themselves as Shia; such a small cult, it remains).

There was an article on "USA Today", titled: "Pleasure marriages regain popularity in Iraq ; Outlawed for years, Muta'a a means of income for widows"; see what happens when the Shia are 'left loose'? Like the saying goes: when the cat (Sunni authority) is away, mice (the Shia) come out & play!


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