Saturday, April 07, 2007

Shia Class!!!

Everything about the Shia is funny.

Now we have this picture, what is so funny about this Shia class??

(1) the room is very small, yet the 'mullah' feels that he needs a microphone (perhaps to awaken those who fall asleep -like the guy to the right- due to the boring Shia talk they started hearing since they were being breastfed by their mothers);

(2) the mullah has TWO keyboards!!!!!! My guess is that one is for him, the other is for Shaytan (Satan) who dictatetes on him the shirk and kufr to utter!!!

Not to forget the very small turnout of attendants, maybe due to lack of mut'ah objects (Shia women)? Hmmmm, I think all their classes are like that (when not 'mixed', and due to the very nature of the Shia cult: it's very boring and dark.)

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