Sunday, September 23, 2007

Anti-Shia Objects!!!

Allah's Soldiers are Everywhere! :)

The Shia divided everything in Allah's creation to either "Muwali" or "non-Muwali" (i.e., a follower of "Wilaayah" to "Ahlul-Bayt" or not), but the funniest part about this stupid tenet of theirs is that it includes animals, plants, and non-living objects like even rocks and stones!!! In this video we see a non-Muwali fan in the ceiling falling down on a Shia imposter!!! Hahahaha!! I think the non-living, non-thinking fan could detect the lies in this imposter's speech better than the stray cattle, the pieces of Shiite listening to the fan's victim!!! Hahahaha


Anonymous said...

Shias r KAFIRS (Non Muslims) confirmly.

Sure shot. they will go to hell.

Anonymous said...

All shia should shame on their actions that they are cursing the Dearest Freind of Rasool (As Siddique) & other Sahaba.

Shia Make MATAM but Matam is only for deads & as per sunni beliefs Mytrydome & Shaheeds are Alive thus Imam Hussain is still alive So no Matam for Alive.