Wednesday, July 25, 2007

British Queen is from Ahlul-Bayt!!!

If a Shia scholar is this STUPID,
what about the Shia layman???

---[video translation below]---

The video is from the numerous Sunni-Shia debates on the London-based al-Mustaqillah TV, not yet seen in North America. The caller is Lebanese Shia cleric Ali al-Kourani, sitting in the middle is the Tunisian host & owner of the station Dr. Muhammad al-Hashemi, to the right of the screen Kuwaiti Sunni-Salafi sheikh Uthman al-Khamis, and to the left Iraqi Shia cleric Muhammad al-Musawi.

  • al-Kourany says (important segments translated only & not literally):

"Who do we, along with sheikh Uthman, send prayers on while performing our prayers [during tashahhud]? On Ahlul-Bayt, all the clan of Hashem, 20 millions,[1] including five Christian Lebanese families!!![2] that is when you say in your prayers: "Muhammad wa aal-Muhammad' (the Household of Muhammad)". Your prayer also includes Queen Elizabeth (of Britain) because she's from the Prophet's offspring!!! Her mother, the wife of Dr. Henry VIII, is from the 'Idrisis',[3] from among you, O Sayyid,[4] so she belongs to the Children of Hashem as well!!!

  • al-Khamis, says:

"And he (al-Kourani) says also that the Queen belongs to the Children of Hashem, having a great grandmother from among the Idrisis!!! This (laughable) argument I have no answer for, really!"


[1] The Shia usually give false figures about their numbers or those descended (falsly) from the Prophet through his daughter Fatimah. Al-Kourani here contradicts the well-known Shia definition of who the Prophet's Family (Ahlu-Bayt) is; to them Ahlul-bayt are as defined by a funny phrase they came up with, which says: "(Ahlul-Bayt are) Fatimah & her father, her husband and her sons" (Arabic: fatimah wa abeeha, ba'luha wa baneeha)!!! Subhanallah, they base their beliefs not only on fabricated historical narrations and misunderstandings, but also on poetry!!!! But most importantly about that funny phrase, look how they made the Prophet's name IMPLICIT!!!! The Prophet of Islam, the Master of all Allah's creation, he is not the number one figure according to Shi'ism!!! Indeed, it is like Allah sent Muhammad to be the reason for Ahlul-Bayt coming to this world, then Muhammad's importance ceased to be!!!! And I wonder: would there be an Ahlul-Bayt without the Prophet??? This isn't a hard question like 'which came first, the egg or the chicken?'!!!!! The true, orthodox Islamic definition of Ahlul-Bayt is what we the Sunnis hold: they are the Propeht's wives and children (that inclues Fatimah and the other daughters the Shia deny were the Prophet's from Khadijah!!!), and Ali's children, al-Abbas', Aqeel's and Jaafar's. Al-Kourani also contradicts one Kuwaiti Shia magainze which claimed in an interview with a Shia Indonesian that "20 million Indonesians are descended from the Prophet" as well!!! We'll show a screenshot from the magazine's website in the future as a proof on this other Shia joke!!!

[2] This idiot seems to believe that the Christian Lebanese families that carry the familyname 'Hashem' are necessarily Hashemites!!! Plus, since when is it allowed in Islam to send prayers on non-Muslims other than to pray that Allah guides them to the true religion (Islam)??? And even if, we don't do that in the prayers we perform!!! Such an act would have to be sanctioned by the Prophet, and this never was the case!!!

[3] Ali's descendents in Iraq during the early Islamic era were known as Alawids; they were massacred by their cousins, the Abbasids. An Alawid by the name al-Idris ibn Abdullah al-Kamel fled across the vast Islamic empire then all the way to Morocco and founded a ruling dynasty there and in Muslim Spain. Al-Kourani here claims Queen Elizabeth is descended from one of them through her mother!!!!!

[4] Here al-Kourani is referring to the host, who is a Hashemite from Tunisia like his lastname itself reveals ("al-Hashemy"). The Shia call Hashemites 'sayyids' (masters), Sunnis don't do that necessarily or at least not always like the Shia do in their excessive veneration. More on this subject later.


Anonymous said...

Hussam Hariri,
I would strongly recommend you get you brain tested because from these pages it looks like that you are sick. Your study and research is just a cow dunk and nothing more. Try to learn true shiaism and pray for forgiveness otherwise HELL is the only place for you.

Anonymous said...

Why waste your time bashing a certain sect of islam? you better put that energy somewhere else.. like learning your religion better. It is really really ridiculous to see someone dedicated his time for hatred.. it actually shows which one is the right path..

Now that I see many (sunnis) muslims are so unsure about their faith that they spread hatred about other sects of muslim.. it made me want to learn more about the shiaism.. ever heard something called reverse psychology?

Unknown said...

I think dr ali al-kourani has in mind Queen Elizabeth the 1st whose father was indeed Henry VIII, not the present queen of England