Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dancing in Shia Temples

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Shia 'She-male' dances
in the presence of an "ayatollah"

This took place, according to a recent word I got, during a gathering inside a Shia temple to celebrate the assasination of Muslim Caliph, Omar ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) by the Magian (Majoosi) Abu Lo'lo'ah the Persian.

I think this she-male means that he's the Caliph Omar, for the Shia heretics spread about Caliph Omar that he was "gay" (a baseless slander we'll prove exists with scanned pages from their classical books & screenshots from their websites), a slander to which Allah answered swiftly by turning it around on them (so you can see here, for example, their own statesmen and clergymen acting gay and issuing gay fatwas), just like He (swt) made their women whores and prostitutes through Mut'ah (after they slandered the Prophet's wife Aysha and accused her of that)!!! Glory be to Him, how Just He is!!!

{Indeed, Allah defends those who have believed} (22:38)

It was said first that the clergyman present (who is SEEN touching the dancing homo WHILE smoking SHEESHA!!!!) was Baqir al-Faly, an Iraqi-Arab Shia clergyman; later it was guessed that he is al-Korani (the Lebanese Shia idiot who seriously claimed Queen Elizabeth is from Ahlul-Bayt!!!). Regardless, he is a clergyman, a 'shaikh', who was supposed to be teaching the commoners proper behaviour!!!

And thanks to a Persian brother (who himself is a former Shia -you'll be linked to his YouTube profile soon), we now know what's being sung in the video!!! They are saying:
"Ah Ah Ah, Oh Oh Oh, Bareekul Allah, Abu Lo'lo"
"Bareekul Allah" rougly translates to: the one blessed by Allah;
"Abu Lo'lo'", is the Persian Majoosi (Magian) who assasinated Omar ibn al-Khattab!!! The Majoosi's name in Arabic is: Abu Lo'lo'ah al-Majoosi, where the word Lo'lo'ah means 'pearl'; he's known in Iran as Abu Lo'lo'.

We'll show pictures from Iran, and a video, for Abu Lo'lo's shrine where they Shia continue to flock there to celebrate the death of Caliph Omar. Iranian "Islamic" government (who claims to be caring about unity among Muslims, refuses to demolish the controversial shrine; this is despite the fact that when Iran sought to improve relations with Egypt, it changed the name of a street it had named after al-Islampuli, the Egyptian jihadist who planned the assasination of former Egyptian president Anwar al-Sadat!!! Iran refuses to demolish this shrine to improve relations with over one billion (Sunni) Muslims worldwide!!!! What does this tell you about Iran of the "Revolution" and the Shia in general??? Are they really people who care about your feelings, O Sunnis, to care about freeing your lands in Palestine or the Shebaa Farms, for example??? Or ask yourself: are these the acts of the ones who claim to be on the true Islam?????? If that's their reality, then what would a non-Muslim imagine those whom the Shia view as 'lesser Muslims' might be doing in their gatherings????

The Shia are not Muslims! Period.

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Gulf Arabs turn
Hussain-worship temple
into a dance hall

I can hear the word "Ahlul-bayt" by the singer!!! Also, notice the pictures of their clergymen on the far wall in the center!!! I think this is the same "Hussainiyyah" from where I got a few pictures from their bloody ritual of Ashura I am to post on this blog soon.

So what else do they do in their temples? Oh, forgot, mut'ah and sodomy.


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