Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Shia Scholares CARE!!!

Below is so-called "ayatollah" Sistani answering a non-Muslim girl's question regarding the temporary marriage only Twelver Shia practice from among all sects calling themselves 'Muslim'. No translation needed obviously:

What do we see wrong here?

HE DOESN'T CARE!!!! An issue so characteristic of his religion, being equated to a "one night stand" practiced by the "kafirs"...he doesn't think is worth a minute of his 'valuble time' to clarify how 'different' from each other??? Poor followers of his are left to do the explaining I guess and defend their image and their religon's, while Sistani is home..collecting his followers' money and sleeping with their women!!!

Shouldn't a "major scholar" like Sistani care about non-members of his faith asking him questions? Shouldn't he try to 'win' them over or something? Ok, forget this one, but..shouldn't he be respectful enough and read the girl's question carefully and give her the answer she was expecting?? Which was:

1) DETAILED (girl: "Can you please explain to me in detail");
2) HELPFUL!!! (girl: "thank you for your help.").

Sending him the question and waiting..proved such a waste of time. Poor girl, must have sent him after all the 'fame' he got after the invasion of Iraq, thinking a man 'his size' would answer well and thoroughly!!! Little did she know that this Sistani was rarely seen on video or in a still picture, and when on a video..his voice was NEVER HEARD, and never was he seen PRAYING JUM'AH nor even attending one (let alone giving the speech himself!!! Isn't he a major marjia?? Should he not be leading the prayer and making the speech on Fridays -at least like Fadlallah of Lebanon does???!!! Can he talk? We don't know. Can he perform prayers? We aren't sure!!

Now, compare his answer, along with the question he received, with what you see on the follwoing page (a question y a Christian man on what Muslims do during the month of fasting, asked to a Sunni, Salafi Islamic website run by a Syrian 'engineer' -so he's no "ayatollah", nor does he have the means of a Shia scholar collecting millions of 'khums' money from his dumb followers without seeing his own doorstep!!!!):
ًWhat's so different on the Sunni, Salafi page?

1) The Christian asked for no details, but he got them, maybe more than he expected!!
2) He didn't say "please" yet was 'turned down', like Sistani did to the girl.
3) The question is much simpler than the one Sistani got, yet the Sunni-Salafi shaikh takes his time writing a long answer, starting by introducing Ramadan and builds up the questioner's knowledge until he had fulfilled his inquiry then left him with a good image for a Muslim and a SCHOLAR, for God's sake!!!!!!!!

Who do you think regretted asking a question to a 'Muslim'? The girl who asked Sistani or the guy who asked al-Munajjid? Who's hope was c
rushed upon finally receiving an 'email notification' of an answer being sent to them??? Who showed that the questioner that he does care about his website, its visitors, and his own religion??? If the two saw each other's questions and the answers they both got, which of the two 'scholars would be asked again?? Then, what are the chances of ones like that girl becoming 'Shia'? Zero, I'd say! No wonder the overwhelming majority of converts convert to (Sunni) Islam; the Shia only stand outside, in the lobby, waiting for the converts to leave their room where they're being taught by the true Muslims, after the Sunnis will have given them all the basics, then the Shia out there starts playing with the converts' minds ("Noooo, Abu Bakr did this and that to Fatimah!!! See this [Sunni] book on the incident???..")!!

Notice how one third of what was written in the name of Sistani...was the 'basmalah'!! Also, did you know that usually, in Arabic, they'd only write "Bismihi Ta'aalaa" (In His Name, Exalted be He) instead of the formal
Islamic one?? That's why he didn't even finish the whole basmalah, because him or whoever writes in his name is used to 'Bismihi Ta'aalaa'!!! HE DOESN'T EVEN FEEL HE SHOULD WASTE THE TIME TO WRITE THE FULL BASMALAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll add a scanned Arabic 'fatwa' of Sistani later here to show you his "Bismihi Ta'aalaa" (which Muslims aren't used to see in Islamic works, let at the hands of a 'scholar'!!).

Lastly, alot of comparisons can be drawn from looking at the fatwa of a Shia vs. that of a (Sunni) Muslim. The Muslim (Sunni) scholars ends his answer with a prayer for the questioner that he be guided to the straight path, meanwhile...Sistani rushes to 'close his door' in the que
stioner's face!! Where to?? Busy man, off to work, at home, on his thin mat, starring at some unknown book that made his answers no better than any ignorant commoner wandering the streets around and outside the hole Sistani buries himself in (his 'home'). And they call him an "ayatullah"??? What a pathetic state is that of the Shia!!!

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