Friday, June 02, 2006

Sex-Obsessed & Stupid!!!!

Shia "scholar" called 'al-Sadouq' ['the truthful one', YEAH RIGHT!!! hahaha] said in his book 'al-Khisaal' (page 99, in Arabic) on the issue of 'the yellow sandal':
"my father -may Allah be pleased with him- told us: Ahmad ibn Idris told us: Muhammad ibn Ahmad told me: on the authority of Musa ibn Omar, on the authority of Abdullah ibn Jibillah, on the authority of Hanan ibn Sudayr, he said:
I entered on Abu Abdullah -peace be upon him- wearing a black sandal, so he said: 'What's with you wearing a black sandal? Did you not know that it has three traits?'

I said: 'what are they, may I be sacrificed for you?'

He said: 'it causes weak eyesight, loss of the erection, and anxiety, and in addition to (all) that it is the wear of the arrogant;...'!!!! [and 'Abu Abdullah' went on:] ', wear yellow sandals, for they have three traits'!!!

I said: 'What are they?'

He (Abu Abdullah) said: 'sharpens eyesight, hardens the penis, and expels anxiety, and in addition to (all) that its the wear of prophets -peace be upon them'".
Not let's see an OLD Shia following that amazing prescription!!!

Which of the 3 parts of the above-mentioned 'medical note' you think this old guy is applying??? Hahahahaha

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