Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hussain or Hasna ???

You would think that the Shia really REALLY care about what happened in Karbala, seeing all that blood gushing out of their filthy, empty skulls (flagellation) and hitting themselves with chains & huge blades, etc etc, ...but a closer look reveals that what's being done is in reality sheer hypocrisy and pure show-off seeking to attrack and appeal to members of the 'opposite gender' who are SURELY watching ;) Indeed, there is a lot of exposed 'meat' in Ashura; NO, I don't mean those men's torn, bloody skin! I mean the MEAT MARKET Ashura celebrations in reality are!!!

See for yourself from two of the most active Shia hotbeds in the Middle East.

Ashura in Iran

[more pictures from our SOURCE]

Remarkable influence of Hussain's martyrdom on Iranian youth, wouldn't you agree? How many of these look like they are mourning Hussain?? Instead they are checking out that Hasna* !!!

Is this What the Shia (who ceaselessly try to convert us to their religion) want to see in our religious gatherings after we are no longer (Sunni) Muslims??? Who would want to see an occassion to mourn becoming an opportunity to MUT'AH???

Ashura in Southern Lebanon

See in this video how the remembrance of Hussein is coupled (rather overridden) by the desire to impress the opposite gender!!! How a form of worship (Ashura, to the Shia) was joined with man's lust for sexual gratification & physical love!!

UPDATE: Upon realizing that the above video was no longe available (removed by its director, Katia Saleh, for unknown reasons), I found its source on the web (for those interested, like me, to eventually get it) here:

* For those wondering what the title ("Hussain or Hasna") means, one of the Arabic words for beauty is "husn" (from which names like Hussain and Hasan are derived), but those names (Hassan and Hussain) are for males; a feminine derivative from 'husn' would be 'Hasna' (meaning: a beautiful girl). So we're just mocking these Shi'ites: are you there for the martyred Hussain (ra.) or that beautiful Shi'ite "Hasna" girl watching your flagellation? :)

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