Saturday, February 24, 2007

Laymen's Hate

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This is a picture I saved (thanks to the 'print screen' button) for an ugly, Shia bigot on an majority-Indian Shia-infected website. I remember that this girl was surprised that someone sent her a private message on that website (apparently her looks don't draw any interested mut'ah seekers), haha! It was yours truly messaging her, making her aware that her picture was noticed & saved (and which, of course, were APPROVED by the staff of that website -tells you how much they revere our (Sunni) Islamic books of hadiths like Bukhari whom this "Masooma" girl was insulting in these pictures -while all it contains are the most authentic (inspired) sayings of the Prophet of Islam:

{Nor does he [i.e., Muhammad] speak from [his own] inclination;
It is not but a revelation revealed} (53:3-4)

See how the silliest, youngest of the Shia are so aware of their differences from mainstream Muslims, how they are brought up on disrespecting everything a Muslim (Sunni) holds sacred and dear, including the books of Prophetic traditions more than a billion Muslims learn their religion from:

Of course you can read the 'captions', and how in the 2nd picture she's insulting the great Companion of the Prophet, our Sayyid Omar ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him, and may his seerah forever vex the Magians / Majoos, the Shia).

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A Shia member of (Nagos12) calls the first three Muslim Caliphs "devils"; she meant Abu Bakr (as-Siddiq), Omar ibn al-Khattab (al-Faruq), and Othman ibn Affan (Zun-Nurayn), may Allah be pleased with them, and may He destroy all their enemies.

May Allah destroy her and all the enemies of Islam and the enemies of those who carried it to the world (including the now-Shia pockets of heresy in the Levant, Arabia, Persia and the Indian Subcontinent).

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