Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gay Kisses Allowed

They may accuse me of posting 'Photoshopped' pictures, but how would they explain the fatwa (below) these many pictures???

Current Iranian president (right) Ahmadinajad kissing another man!!!

al-Hakim (assasinated by Zarqawi) kissing a child on the lips!!!

Rafsanjani kissing a teenaged boy on the lips!!

nidentified Shia scholar (but he appears to be Khamin'i)kissing a wounded grown man (perhaps from the Iraq-Iran war)!!!

And getting REALLY CLOSE are...

major (dead) "marjia", al-Shirazi!!

Rafsanjani again!!!

Kharroubi, head of Iranian parliament with Kurdish leader (now president of Iraq) Talabani!!!

A "scholar" from the al-Sadr family kissing Bremer, former American ruler of Occupied Iraq.

Supporting fatwa by leading Iranian "ayatollah", al-Rohani


Title: "Kiss in the mouth"!!


what's the ruling on (showing love toward) a person in his mouth (the 'kiss' -[colloquial Arabic inserted here: "al-bosah"]) in your opinion? [I admit the way the question is asked is retarded, but nonetheless the 'marjia' understands it and gives his fatwa!]

Answer: if (done) with suspicion (of aroused lust) then (it's) not allowed, otherwise nothing is wrong (with it).


And what's hidden is surely greater & uglier!!!


Big brother said...

these pictures are reality of shias.
their qalima is differnt.

they not believe in Quran.

they not belive on MUHAMMAD (PBUH).

THEY SEX WITH THEIR MOTHERS DAUGHTERS AND SISTERS AND nikah is allowed in shaias with mothers sister and daughters.

Anonymous said...

Ewwwwww filthy shiaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, dirty shias rats,pigs,dogs.....its probly ok to do anything if not from ''LUST'' DUMB FOOOOLISH SHIAHHHHH HAAHAHAHAHAHA