Wednesday, March 07, 2007


...and the Religion of Fitrah

A small Lebanese Shia girl, with still the intact, sound fitrah Allah created with her, is annoyed by the sound of weeping by grown women during the "rite of Ashura", in which the members of the Shia cult go against Islam (the religion they claim to be part of, or its real representatives) & reason..and make such a public display of shameless hypocrisy (mourning the martyrdom-death of Imam Hussain after more than 1400 years of it happening, they want to tell us, with such extraordinary outpour of feelings and tears!!!!)

I don't believe any one of them would weep like that on even any of their loved ones who died just in the last Israeli aggression (the summer of 2006) on Hizbullah..or even their casualties from the long war with Iraq only few decades ago -in the 1980's!!!!

Meanwhile, Imam Hussain (ra.) is happy and joyful in Jannah!!!

And Allah's curse be on those who killed Imam Hussain and those who approve of killing Imam Hussain.

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