Sunday, March 04, 2007


Their innovations are just out of this world, just like they're out of our religion (Islam)...
Celebrating the "Night of Power" (Laylatul Qadr)!!!

Just don't ask me about what they're doing to our Holy Book, disrespecting it like that..!!! How would a real Muslim (Sunni) feel if he were frequenting this cult's temples and saw them doing that to our Holy Book???

But then I remember, I shouldn't be surprised!!! There is hardly anything holy to these people that is part of Islam!!! They slander the Prophet's wives and companions, they disregard the marvellous achievments of Muslim rulers and states (when they are not "partisans of Ali" like they are), they have a totally different narrative of Islamic history, they just modify (most of the time 'corrupt') everything originally Islamic, just so they can develop their own distinct identity from us (well THANKS, makes spotting them way WAY easier, definitely)!!!

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Anonymous said...

Loooool hahaha shiiiiiiaaaaaaaa fools