Monday, July 09, 2007

al-Karrar's Sword in al-Farrar's Hand*

COMING SOON ] a DEATH BLOW to the funny Shia myth of the Zul-Fiqar sword!!

al-Karrar's SWORD presented to Rum-has-fled!!!!

How shameless of the Rafidhi Safavids
Who're ruling Iraq from under the American machine-guns!!!

Thanks to an amazing proud Iraqi man (though a communist, he's from a Shia background), Nouri al-Muradi -may Allah guide him to the straight path, pointed out something very very VERY funny about this mythical sword, 'Zul-Fiqar,' the Rafidhis are so fond of imagining it looking like one of Aladin of Disney's swords!!! Al-Muradi (and you have to actually look at the sword in the picture in Rumsfeld's hands to get what's being said):
How can the sword go in its sheath when it has those blades???
OH ..MY ..GOD!!! HOW DID WE MISS THAT ONE???? Hahahahahahahahahaha

HOW DOES THE SWORD GO IN THE SHEATH???? HOW DID "ALI" DO IT???? simple answer: that sword never existed, because it CAN'T exist, Shia fools!!!

That's another thing to joke about when you Muslims mention the Shia in your circles, niyahahahahahahahaaa!!!! And Those of you (Shia or not) who can't get what Nouri al-Muradi said, look at this drawing (by me):

Nothing peculiarly Shia is EVER right!!! Hahahahahaha

* For those who don't understand the two Arabic words in the title, the word "al-Karrar" comes from the Arabic verb "to attack boldly". The Shia ceaselessly use that title for Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) to denote his exceptional bravery in battles, etc etc (something they cannot cite when they mention the alleged incidents of burning his house down at the hands of Omar and Abu Bakr -now that is a fabricated narration they stubbornly cling to- and when, on that same alleged night, Omar is said to have beaten up the Prophet's daugther Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with her) until she had a miscarriage!!!! All this while "the Attacker" Ali stood and watched????? We don't believe such an incident happened, and the Shia don't want to prove us wrong by verifying the isnad / sanad of the narration (to prove that it's authentically reported)!!!! Now, "al-Farrar" is the opposite of al-Karrar, he's the one who "runs away cowardly", which applies to Rumsfeld and America now in Iraq.

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