Monday, July 16, 2007

Holy Shiite!!! Holy Smokes!!!

[ NEWS ] The Enemy of Allah al-Aziz al-Hakim, the piece of Shiite who goes around by the pseudo-name "Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim" (his real name is Aziz al-Tabataba'i) has been diagnosed with LUNG CANCER several months ago (sorry I forgot to share this great news with you then!) due to excessive addiction to smoking! Trusted source confirmed reports that leaked about his disease likely leading to AIDS!!! That's why, if you usually observe the Iraqi scene closely, you haven't seen his ugly face for a number of months!

May Allah hasten his filthy soul's destruction!!!

I am re-opening this funny file of the Shia clerics smoking in their places of worship and out in public.

I guess they'd do everything just to keep the 'believers' coming to their cult's temples, eh??? You know, "feel at home", "don't be hard on yourself", "Islam is an easy religion"!! Indeed, they allowed themselves sex outside marriage ("mut'ah"), anal sex (we'll give evidence to that soon), all sorts of sexual perversions between married couples and even members of the same gender (proofs will be laid out), in addition to our subject here of smoking (and even in their holy places) -a dirty habit, as we all know, and one which scholars of Islam deduced its prohibition.

No wonder that the Shia commoners are in such a pathetic state of ignorance to Allah's rights on them, and the respect they owe to those who brought their ancestors out of paganism (i.e., the Sahabah who did that) and idolatry; their own "scholars" are this stupid and ignorant of what's bad and harmful for their own bodies. If the clerics cannot give guidance to the commoners on such a simple issue as "what's bad for your health" (even though we see from the Islamic-Sunni-Salafi fatwa above the clear Quranic and Prophetic text concerning what harms one's body and soul), then do we expect the clerics to KNOW BETTER on what's bad for your iman, or what's right or wrong in the matters of faith???

Clearly, he who doesn't have..cannot give. That's why the Shia cult's members stand today as one of the most wicked, vile and low creatures from among all of Allah's creation. The poet was right:

The Shi'ites are truly the most evil of those
men and jinns who ever walked on stones

More pictures are coming for these 'Holy Smokers' soon insha'Allah.

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al-Tabataba'i picture loool

btw is there a way i can contact you i have something very funny yet true about the Rafida!